The most affordable pricing ever!

Of monthly revenue creator generates help us run the platform.

Plus transaction fees.

  • Multiple Memborships
  • List Commissions
  • Cheer Jar
  • Cheer Wall
  • Discord Integration

About platform fees

Platform fees allows us to provide the best services, features and active support to you and your membors; while maintaining security and authenticity of all the transactions on the platform.
  • Diverse Payment Gateways

    We support all kinds of credit cards, debit cards, rupay cards and UPI(Paytm, GPay) transactions, allowing to cater to the entire Indian audience.

  • International Payments

    We have incorporated PayPal to support hassle free transactions across the world irrespective of currency change.

  • Active Support

    Our small but very passionate team is on their toes 24*7 trying to make you get the best services. All the queries would be answered quickly through our discord server.

  • Transparency

    All transactions will be completely transparent and be monitored by Memboro, ensuring authenticity and credibility.

Transaction fees

Domestic rate

International rate (PayPal)
4% + $0.50 + conversion charges