How to create posts on Memboro?

  1. Tap on the Dashboard icon to get started! As the icon suggests, creating posts at memboro is a quick and easy process.
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  3. Tap on Posts , and then create a New Post! As a creator, this is the means to interact with your fans. Use your posts (text/ image/ video/ audio) to share with them whatever you feel like, give them sneak peaks of your upcoming projects, behind the scenes, exclusive brownie content, the sky's the limit!
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  5. Write a suitable post title for your post. Remember this is the most important part of your post, a catchy title would garner traction .
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  7. You can choose from the various given font-styles, colours, sizes , etc and make your post look as attractive as you want!
  8. Inserting images , videos and audio is fairly simple :
    1. To create an Image Post , just tap on the Image button and insert the image you want to add.
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    3. For a Video Post, you can link your Youtube videos in your posts by simply attaching the link in the given box. (After Unlisting the video)
      • Steps for Unlisting Youtube Video -
        1. Go to your Youtube Studio. And click on Videos.
        2. Change the visibility of your video to Unlisted.
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    5. For an Audio Post, just tap on the Audio button and insert the audio file you want to use.
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  9. Don’t forget to select a tier from the Memborships you created! Your post will be accessible only to the people who have subscribed to that Memborship. You can choose multiple tiers for a single post as well.
    Also, You can always make a post public for the entire world to see! These posts will be visible in the feeds of people who merely follow you as well.
  10. If you wish to post it later, You can Save it as a draft and then post later.
  11. Otherwise, click on the “Post” button and make it go live in just a few seconds!
  12. You can even edit your posts once you have posted.