How to create Commissions?

  1. Tap on the Dashboard icon to get started! As the icon suggests, creating commissions at Memboro is a simple and hassle-free process.
  2. commission
  3. Tap on ‘Commissions’ to view the commissions you have created, to create a new Commission, or to view orders received.
  4. commissioncommission
  5. To create new commissions, click on the ‘Create New’ Button.
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  7. Give your commission a suitable name, enter the Amount your customer needs to buy to avail the services or buy your work and describe your commission needs elaborately.
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  9. Enter the slots remaining for the commission, they indicate the limited amount of work you can commit to at one point in time. This prevents unwelcome work.
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  11. Choose how your service/product is delivered to the user if the work is to be delivered physically, digitally or through both the media.
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  13. If mode delivery includes physical delivery, enter delivery charge. Add necessary hashtags to help the algorithm in reaching your userbase. **
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  15. Enter the percentage of the total order amount which will be refunded for:
    1. Order stage: When the order is placed but is not yet confirmed by you.
    2. Work in progress stage: When you have accepted the order.
  16. In the case of a physically deliverable product, check the ‘Address Required’ checkbox.
  17. Check the Image required checkbox according to the needs of your commission.
  18. Insert Images and click on the “Create” button to create your new Commission!

** The search algorithm of Memboro is directly linked with the hashtags you add and can ease the process of connecting you to the customer. If the user searches for a specific task that is also in your hashtag they can view your commission. This significantly increases your reach and directly connects you to your specific user base.

How to find Commissions?

  1. Search using keywords relevant to the services or products you are looking for by typing on the Memboro search bar.
  2. Memboro suggests users with the most popular and reliable creators for Commission Projects.
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  4. Once you click on any of the suggested creators, you would be directed to their commissions offered page and can request the commission.
  5. If you are looking for that one particular creator you admire a lot and wish to avail their services, you can search for their username by typing into the search bar and then look out on their profile page for commissions they are offering.
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